The "Pawning" Transaction:
When you "pawn" an item, you are allowing us to hold your personal property, and you have the option to return to us to retrieve your property within a specified period of time. 
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The "Selling" Transaction:
When you "sell" an item, you are transferring ownership of the item. You will not have an opportunity to retrieve the item.
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The "Buying" Transaction:
Pre-owned and new items are offered for sale in our store at significant discounts to retail store prices. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card and Cash. You may be able to negotiate a lower price on our items when using Cash, because Cash is King.
The "Layaway" Transaction:
Our Layaway Program is the easiest way to buy the items you want when you don't have the cash to get it today. The plans are simple and based on the item type.
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Disc Resurfacing Service:
Do you have scratched CDs, DVDs, Game discs that don't play properly anymore? Before you buy new ones to replace them, bring them to us to see if they can be professionally resurface to like-new condition. It's a lot cheaper to resurface them!
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EZ Cash's EXCLUSIVE Mail Home Service:
This EXCLUSIVE service is available to our Spring Breakers and Snowbirds visiting from over 100 miles away. Whether your item is jewelry or bulk item, you can use it to get traveling or fun money, and we can send it back home to you.
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Prepaid Cellular Minutes:
Need to add prepaid minutes to you cell phone? Just stop in and in less than 2 minutes you can get a pin number to add from $10 to $100 worth of minutes for over 40 wireless carriers.
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